With a recently-acquired (less than 12 months) PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, or material sciences, preferably related to recombinant protein expression, synthetic biology, or bio-based material sciences.

Supported by Callaghan Innovation R&D Career Grant.

R&D Scientist With Genetics &
Bioinformatics Skill

Non-Executive Director, with industry experience in biomaterial engineering, especially within the textiles sector.

Non-Executive Director, with experience in scaling bio-manufacturing and synthetic biology.

Join Humble Bee Bio on the cutting edge of material/bio science and manufacturing.

We are looking for amazing individuals to fill roles at Humble Bee Bio.

Our mission is to take plastic pollution out of the realm of individual responsibility and replace the toxic materials that are used by industry when creating consumer products.


If you are interested, or you know someone who might be a good fit, have a read of the job descriptions and get in touch at:



If applying, please include the position you would like to apply for, plus an attached copy of your CV.

Available positions:

We currently have no positions available.

Comms Advisor [Fixed Term] — With an understanding of science, experience with social media management, and familiarity with design and productivity software.

Apply your scientific skill and commercial knowledge to developing new technology, and helping disrupt the global plastics industry.

Senior Biomaterial Scientist/Research Engineer


There are no vacancies at the moment.