The Humble Bee Team


Veronica Harwood-Stevenson

Founder and CEO

Veronica has a BSc in Reproductive Anatomy and Structural Biology and a Masters in Science Communication. She pulls academic research into alignment with market needs, and translates technical outcomes into business strategy. Veronica sits on the Return on Science Momentum Investment Committee, and is a Judge for KiwiNet's Science Commercialisation Awards. [LinkedIn]

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Professor Richard Furneaux

Humble Bee Director / Ferrier Institute Director

Richard founded, led, and grew the IRL (now Callaghan Innovation) carbohydrate chemistry research team over 20 years. He has been the Director of The Ferrier Institute for the last four.  His expertise in science commercialisation is internationally recognised, and in 2017 he won the KiwiNet Supreme Award for science commercialisation.  [LinkedIn]

Greg Sitters

Humble Bee Director / Principle, Matū Fund

Greg has a distinguished business career spanning more than 40 years. His roles have primarily been in venture investment, executive management, sales, and business development, and corporate and professional governance. Greg has a passion for assisting and investing in disruptive technologies that address some of the world's major challenges. [LinkedIn]

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Ian Fletcher


Ian has diverse organisational and public management experience. This includes trade policy, innovation, regional economic growth, trade promotion, intellectual property, science/technology management, and industry regulation. He has a successful record of senior management in demanding political and business environments. [LinkedIn]

Dr Simon Hinkley


Simon is a senior lecturer in renewable polymer chemistry and drug discovery and design at The Ferrier Institute. Previously working on the development of renewble polymers for Callaghan Innovation and neutraceutical advancement for Industrial Research Limited. [LinkedIn]

Charlotte Page


Charlotte completed a Master’s degree in Drug Discovery and Development (VUW) in 2017 and has been working as a Research Assistant at The Ferrier Research Institute on Humble Bee’s research under the supervision of Dr. Simon Hinkley.

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Dr Sean Mackay

Chemist and Nanoscale Material Scientist / Scientific Advisor 

Sean is a chemist and nanoscale materials scientist. He has a BSc in applied surfactant chemistry, and a PhD in nanoscale drug delivery systems. He received a KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Award in 2016. [LinkedIn]

Chris Fuller

Bee Wrangler 

Chris is a commercial beekeeper of three native species of bee — carbonaria, australis, and hockingsi. He is a respected pollination consultant for commercial food growers and sought after by academics and industry for his specialist species and habitat knowledge.

Brahmanti Prameswari

Administration Assistant

Brahmanti loves numbers, trends, data analytics, and strategic reviews. She has a proven track record in business development, marketing, and sales reporting. She believes numbers have stories to tell, and she’s here to give them a voice. [LinkedIn]




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