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High value materials, inspired by nature.

Humble Bee Bio is a deep-tech company that combines biomimicry and the power of synthetic biology to create novel biomaterials that solve hard problems in billion-dollar markets.

Our Mission

Humble Bee Bio’s mission is to create novel biomaterials that solve market problems, and improve the environment.

We believe the best way to solve pollution problems created by consumer products is to replace the materials that are used by industry when creating them.

We do this because we believe that living in a healthy environment is a human right, but also replacing chemicals proven to do significant harm (see the SIN — Substitute it Now! — List) is a multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Resistance to heat. It reassembles after being heated and cooled.
Resistant to industrial solvents. A potential advantage for
protective applications and coatings.
Resistant to water. Keep the weather out. Keep liquid contents in.
Resistant to strong bases. (NaOH) Including bases like caustic soda.
Resistant to acids. (HCl) Including acids 7x stronger than stomach acid.

A Multi-Trick Material | Our Bioplastic Performs

Why Make Bioplastics derived from Bees?

With conventional plastics polluting our oceans, our lands, and our bodies, the world is searching for alternatives.

In addition to their highly competitive performance properties, our bee-derived materials will be sustainable and biodegradable, unlike conventional plastics.

Sustainable Development Goals

We proudly support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals program.


Of the 17 goals outlined by the program, we believe we are contributing primarily to these six goals.

The pollution crisis parallels climate change.

Consumers are personally exposed to harmful chemicals including hundreds of carcinogenic, and hormone disruptors.

Consumer markets are under significant pressure from regulations banning hazardous chemicals and microplastics across Europe.

The opportunity for Humble Bee Bio is in the new solutions that this regulation demands.

Our novel, patent-pending biomaterial has properties that make it commercially valuable in cosmetics, biomedical, and FMCGs markets.

Introducing Our Proprietary Product Platform

We identified a unique biomaterial used by certain bees to line their nests and protect their larvae from the environment.

Using the bee’s genetic blueprint, we’ve developed a method to manufacture this material.

The bee’s DNA provides a unique platform to engineer sustainable materials with tailored properties to solve problems in multiple billion-dollar markets.

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