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Veronica H-Stevenson

Veronica’s vision for a sustainable humanity in harmony with the environment weaves together the best of science, communication, and business. An embodied venn diagram of all three, she holds a BSc in Reproductive Anatomy and Structural Biology, a Master’s in Science Communication and is active in the New Zealand impact entrepreneurship community. She was a former chair for the Return on Science Momentum Investment Committee in Wellington, and has been a judge for KiwiNet's Science Commercialisation Awards. She pulls academic research into alignment with market needs, builds multidisciplinary teams, and translates technical outcomes into business strategy. [LinkedIn]

CEO, Founder and Executive Director

Julia Chambers

Julia brings over 20 years of executive and director-level experience in the technology sector, including extensive biopharmaceutical and medical technology industry coverage. With her background in business development, strategy, and capital raising in bioscience, she helps high-growth technology companies and innovative businesses thrive on the global stage.  [LinkedIn]

Chair of the Board

Dr. Andrew West

With his PhD in Ecology, plus extensive training and experience in business administration and governance, Andrew is a scientist turned entrepreneur. Since 2015, he has co-founded and led five science-based and high-tech companies. He has special expertise in food and environmental industries. Having been a public servant, he also has special insight into working with elected officials and governmental departments to promote science and effect change.


Henry Hebel

Henry has over 25 years of biopharmaceutical development experience. Most recently, he served as COO at Aldevron where he was responsible for strategy and execution to rapidly expand the company to 750+ employees and manufacturing capacity to nearly 250,000 sq.ft. (23,000 sq.m.) within three years, resulting in a pending US$9.6 Billion acquisition by Danaher Corporation. Henry holds a BSc degree in Zoology and an MBA from Texas A&M University. He has been awarded multiple patents and dozens of his writings have been published in industry journals. [LinkedIn]


Dr. Colin South

Colin is originally from New Zealand, he now splits his time between Northern Nevada and Boston, where he sails his yacht, Antipodean. He gained a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering and a master's degree in Engineering Management at Dartmouth College. Colin has held multiple executive roles that combine his depth of technical capability in engineering and science with leadership and strategy. He is the former CEO of Mascoma, enEvolv, VP of Strategy at Zymergen and currently CEO of ArkeaBio. He is a powerhouse of knowledge with a passion for taking synthetic biology projects from research to market. [LinkedIn]



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